Govt may give Bhim users cashback bonanza on Independence Day

BENGALURU: On Independence Day, the government will provide higher reimbursements if consumers opt for digital transactions using the Bhima application.

Operated by National Payments Corporation of India (INPC), the Bhima application works on unified interface (UPI) payments.

Prime Minister Bhim released in December, after demonetization, to stimulate digital payments.

President and CEO of NPCI, A P Hota told TOI that the proposed approval of an increase in government reimbursement incentives for the use of Bhima should take effect on August 15.

This also coincides with the planned deployment of a new version of Bhima. “We have informed the government that payment incentives should be increased so more people start using it.

We are waiting for government approval for August 15, “said Hota. Currently, these are cashbacks between Rs 10 and Rs 25.

The Hota push for greater incentives for users to Bhima also occurs after other payment applications in the country that offer reimbursement incentives to cost-effectively acquire customers and repeat transactions.

Companies such as Paytm and PhonePe, supported by global investors relied on these reductions to attract users on their platforms.

Currently, if one person refers to Bhima to another, she will receive Rs 10 bonus and the person who will receive Rs 25 in money back.

TOI had reported last month that banks could reduce UPI rates for traders in a move to support the number of transactions conducted through UPI.

After demonetization, the government has allocated over Rs 450 crore for payment incentives to be used for a period of six months from the April 14 birthday edition of Ambedkar BR.

The payment application has recently reached a user base of 16 million with 4 million active customers in the end of June

“We are also in the final version of Bhima’s 1.4 version, which will make application transactions smoother.

Among other updates, rapid response (QR) Bharat code will be integrated into the application, which should be another amplification factor to increase Bhim transactions ”

Hota said. Bharat QR allows stores to accept electronic payments from UPI cards or with the client scans the QR. Given the demonetization, the government has actively encouraged digital payments.

India’s NH traffic trucking into gas age with LNG

NEW DELHI: India is in the process of transporting the gas era, in which liquid gas is approved – liquefied natural gas or imported gas in ships – as cars to help float smoke smoking and carry passengers in the process Green renovation.

The signs encourage green truck and bus manufacturers like Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland, Mahindra and Mahindra and Bharatbenz to embark on gas with the LNG version of their vehicles.

Some of these manufacturers have already requested a “homologation” of the vehicle, a period of 2 to 3 months.

The transformation is carried out by Petronet LNG, the largest importer of LNG in India. But the seed was planted by Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan in November last year with the launch of the first liquefied natural gas buses in India in Kerala as a pilot project.

Since then, the Minister of Road Transport Nitin Gadkari has talked about LNG locomotives and barges.

Encouraged by the results of the pilot test, government approval and response from truck manufacturers, Petronet LNG is setting up 20 stations at service stations on roads along the west coast connecting Delhi to Thiruvananthapuram , Covering a total distance of 4500 km via Mumbai and Bangalore.

“Today he did not think twice before getting on the road in his car because he is sure to get fuel. We want to establish a similar certainty for LNG.

Talks with oil trading companies for liquefied natural gas facilities at Petrol and Oil Organization Safety and Explosives for the Dispatch, “company MD Prabhat Singh told TOI.

This causes the Indian transport sector to enter the latter – after a handful of nations led by the United States and China – the LNG alliance.

In a country where the transportation sector accounts for 40% of diesel sales, the environmental benefits of LNG, in terms of reduced pollution vehicles, will be enormous.

A Morgan Stanley report in 2015 said that natural gas vehicles displaced 1.5 million barrels of oil per day.

That number could double or even increase to 5.6 million barrels per day, which equates to China’s oil imports in 2015, by 2021.

Petronet sees 2.5 lakh new trucks and 85,000 buses join the fleet each year. “In addition, we are also talking with the Gujarat and Kerala truck companies for the management of the 20 and 10 liquefied natural gas buses, respectively, in the first phase.

Overall, we see a potential 8 to 9 million tonnes of annual LNG sales in the automotive sector for at least five years, Singh said.

This is considered a cake large enough to attract private companies over time, such as Reliance Industries and Essar who already manage gas pumps.

Government reviews IT imports from China

NEW DELHI: The government has begun examining massive imports of electronics and information technology from China due to concerns over security and data leakage +.

There has been a growing outcry of import restrictions and other restrictions on these products, which are currently a huge amount of shipments across the border.

The review comes at a time when India and China’s Doklam gap has intensified and may signal the occurrence of a strategic trade war as tensions on the border worsen and concerns over trade imbalances and increased security.

The growing share of Chinese companies in the electronics and information technology industry booming in India, a recent study by the CII Industry Chamber, has raised alarm in government, especially in what is believed to be Much of this can be used to gain unlawful access to critical information about individuals, businesses, and government provisions.

“There are more and more concerns about the preparation of the security device, especially in fears that online e-commerce platforms and finished products can be used to gain sensitive information,” industry sources said.

“The communication has been sent to industry stakeholders for their views and to assess their preparedness for the protection of critical data and information.”

India’s move towards the digitization of services and trade and multiple increase in online transactions has also contributed to the security problems that have reached the highest levels of government.

The IT Minister and the law, Ravi Shankar Prasad, recently held a high-level meeting to assess the situation regarding China’s participation in the electronics industry and information technology in India sources.

Prasad is supposed to have ministry officials asked to make an assessment of the vulnerability of India with respect to products from China.

Chinese companies have almost turned into a column to India’s massive needs in the manufacture of electronic products, especially when importing a large part of critical components and finished products.

These include components for products such as mobile phones, medical equipment, telecommunications network equipment and devices and the Internet for things related sensors (IOT).

In addition, leading Chinese companies have large stakes in some of the leading online markets in the country.

“Many devices transmit or store data on Chinese servers, which could be a security risk.

On the other hand, online transactions using several of these devices and platforms can be filled in Chinese servers, which can create security problems for the country at a time of deepening the crisis at the border, “said a source.

India’s significant and worrisome trade imbalance with China is another trigger for the year. It is estimated that the government should focus and emphasize the faster indigenization to address the problem.

India had a trade deficit of nearly 52 billion with China last fiscal year and the country is now looking for better access to markets in the neighboring country for its products and services.

In the electronic map, the government insists on increasing local production by introducing manufacturing benefits into India.

What can communities do with Confederate monuments? Here are 3 options

What can communities do with Confederate monuments? Here are 3 options

Monuments are not built; As such, they say more about the people who created them than the figures they represent.

Southern heritage groups were responsible for most of the monuments erected throughout the country during reconstruction, the post-Civil War era marked by an integration reaction that has driven discrimination policies and legalized Jim Crow has resulted in more than 4,000 black lynchings in the deep south.

During this period, groups such as the States Daughters of the Confederation and the sons of former Confederate fighters have built monuments that promoted the ideology of the “Cause Loss” – the belief that the rights of States, not slavery , Were the main cause of the Confederation, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

For historians, what is lacking in the monuments of the Confederation is the complete image of what they really represent. Instead of movement, some researchers suggest adding a specific historical context so that people can learn.

“What we want to do is to inject perspectives and historical facts from these monuments and to encourage people to think of them as elements of history or artifacts rather than objects of veneration,” said Sheffield Hale President and CEO of Atlanta History Center .

“These objects are inherently problematic, and therefore are potentially effective teaching tools,” Hale said. “They trigger conversations about which many people have forgotten or do not want to talk.”
This is the plan in Richmond, Virginia, the short capital of the Confederate States of America.

The mayor appointed a committee last week to look for ways to add context to Monument Avenue, an avenue lined with statues of Confederate generals, as well as a tennis legend Arthur Ashe and, of Richmond.

Critics say that contextualization has its challenges. If a statue of Lee dominates a racetrack, what impact would a small plate have on flying motorists?

Seeking a right approach is another challenge. It took almost two years of the University of Mississippi to accept the language for a new plaque for a statue of a Confederate soldier in 1906.

In addition to explaining the ideology of “Lost Cause” that the monument manufacturers subscribed to, the new plaque describes how the statue was a meeting place for a demonstration of opposition school integration in 1962.

“This historic statue remembers division beyond the university,” says the plaque in part. “Today, the University of Mississippi has had this ongoing commitment to open its sacred enclosures to all who seek truth, knowledge and wisdom.”
For some, the problem with contextualization is to keep monuments in places where they can be searched by all.

“Leaving them as they are is often a giant finger for the communities they serve,” said Anne Sarah Rubin, a professor of history at the University of Maryland in Baltimore County.

“Monuments were not representative of the communities in which they settled in. They set out to send messages and create false stories about the war and that should be celebrated,” said Rubin, author of “Through the Heart of Dixie: Walk Sherman and American Memory “.

The transfer to a museum allows people to choose to interact with them in a historical context. Many museums already have elements of dark chapters in history, including racist memoirs of the Jim Crow era, said Keisha N. Blain, an assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh.

“Contrary to public spaces such as parks – museums are controlled spaces where experienced staff can provide a historical context for visitors, and people can choose to see the monuments or not,” said Blain, co editor of “The Charleston Syllabus : Readings on race, racism and racial violence. ”

But even if museums wish, it is difficult to make up to six tons of bronze or marble.

Report: Flyers agree to 2-year deal with goalie Brian Elliott

Report: Flyers agree to 2-year deal with goalie Brian Elliott

A two-year deal at 2.75 million is in place between free-agent fliers and Brian Elliott, according to a report released Friday by Andy Strickland, FOX Sports Midwest.

Teams are authorized to officially sign free agents on Saturday at noon. Hextall could not comment on the report during a conference call on Friday, but said the team had intended to sign a goalkeeper Saturday.

Elliott, 32, saved part-time and network for much of his nine-year career. You should do the same with Michal Neuvirth and flyers. Last season with the flames, Elliott went 26-18-3 with a 2.55 goal average and saved the .910 economy percentage in 49 games (45 as a starter).

The best seasons came with Elliott Blue 2011-2016, a five-year period in which he went from 104 to 46-16 with an average of 2.01 goals, 0.9% percentage savings and two star offers. He also has a relatively clean health record and is a 41-game playoff veteran.

The fliers are not very comfortable felt in the 2017-18 season with injured Neuvirth and inexperienced Anthony Stolarz as goalie duo.

Neuvirth’s balance of injuries, including two in the left knee during his two seasons with the fliers, while 2016-17 ended with a frightening incident fainting. Stolarz, a restricted free agent, is 23 years old and has played seven games in the NHL. He also suffered a left knee injury in April, which requires three to four months of recovery.

“Let’s see if we can find an option that works best for us in the short term,” said Bill Hextall days before NHL. “There’s always a choice. Is [Stolarz] the best choice? I do not know if you can say that.”

Flyers and free agent Steve Mason restriction decided to separate, according to agent Thursday goalkeeper. Other network options through free agency were Jonathan Bernier, Antti Niemi and Ryan Miller. Bernier will likely require more money, while the aging Niemi comes out of a disastrous season and Miller, who is 37 years old in July, looking to head west.

With the addition of the imminent goalkeeper and the new signing of striker Jordan Weal Thursday Hextall working in the offseason is almost complete even before the agency starts. There had been rumors of free Brokers, Justin Williams, but without thinking about this document or the environment on the other front seems unlikely.

“I do not want to crush young players, so I do not want to bring a 35-year veteran, who can a young player,” Hextall said. Jordan Weal, we could have looked for another breakthrough to try to improve our skill level.But now that we have Jordan ceiling, we will be quiet.the only thing I hope tomorrow will sign a goalkeeper And maybe some depth to the bottom. ”

Buffalo, N.Y. – As happy as Jason Pominville heard coming home to his Buffalo Sabers, it was nothing compared to the excitement of his son, Jayden.

“My little guy already has his Sabers right now,” POMINVILLE said Friday shortly after former captain and defender Marco Scandella Sabers was bought in a trade with Minnesota. “My boy said,” You will have the opportunity to play with Jack Eichel. “Then it is pumped.”

Translated into the wild in April 2013 when Buffalo began a purge of veteran players, POMINVILLE joined rebuilding sabers and a juvenile movement to his