Why those with enough money don’t spend it

Many rich people are insecure about money. A prudent allocation of assets and a gift of attitude can help them to enjoy their wealth

Registration is easy the most discussed topic in personal finance. It is easy to find research that deals with households and debt-trap spending in the middle class. But there are many households facing the opposite problem. They have enough money, but it does not just happen.

Many rich families suffer from insecurity imposed on money. Especially if it is auto-cattle and if they came from a bottom of the lack of money during their growth.

They can be rich today, but remember that spending out of fear of being forced to go back to being short, if they spend their wealth. The expenses are psychologically painful for many of those who are associated money for well-being in absolute terms.

The problem of mixed priorities is quite common among those who are unable to make spending decisions. How many of us are surprised by looking at the right side of the menu, after choosing to eat at a good restaurant?

How many of us have decided to go back to the museum doors after seeing steep entry fees, even after spending a fortune when traveling abroad? How many of us have collected, checked the label of the garment and returned to the dais, although we liked the color and the fabric?

The systematic denial of what could be a legitimate expenditure, taking into account income levels and wealth, is more common than we recognize. Psychologists point out some factors that may be involved.

People can show their success and it is mainly attributed to certain habits, attitudes and personal preferences. Investors who are deprived of trying to save money, support sacrifices and the deliberate denial of pleasure as virtues.

Passing impulsively, or making decisions spontaneously, is prudent in your evaluation. They do better if they are given the time to evaluate the decision and believe in time.

I have a friend who told me that her husband can not worry about the birthday gift, but he has perfected the art of advancement and persuasion to get him to buy expensive gifts anyway.

smart woman! Those who pride themselves as workers and willing to put the effort to do something, know that it is difficult to pay for help. A friend of mine, a consummate cook, unnecessarily handled work and home for several years, before naming a cook.

She could afford to pay with the house that would have made life a lot easier, but outsourcing a task she did which was tantamount to acknowledging that she did not want to do it.

Sometimes expenses are accompanied by the guilt that we do not know how to handle. Outsource a task, we believe we can do anyway, do not make us feel happy or relieved.

Rather, it led to the guilt that we are no longer the person who enjoyed doing this work or that work, or that we can not give time to what we liked to do before.

Many of us end up wasting time on routine tasks that can be easily outsourced because we see that spending does not add up, but eliminate what we imagine are the simple pleasures of life.