Destiny 2 Removes Random Weapon Perks, Details Clans

Destiny 2 Removes Random Weapon Perks, Details Clans

There are major changes in Destiny 2 that will undoubtedly lead to degraded players in some time to adapt.

Two interesting changes were recently detailed. Bungie announced that there would be no random assets attached to the arms, and we had more details on how the first-person shooter that comes to treat the clans.

Director of “There are more rolls of chance in arms,” ​​revealed Luke Smith to Mashable. “Better hell it’s a Crucible cannon [in Destination 2], and whatever he has in it.”

Smith said the change could give the team more “flexibility to tune the section” and that was not possible in the original.

He said that even if the studio has ideas to ensure that players’ weapons are interesting, but did not want to give more details at the moment, since they can not enter the game.

In other news of Destiny 2, Bungie explained how clans operate for the weekly blog post. Here’s what they had to say about clan migration:

As of July 25, 2017, clan leaders must visit their home base on and decide if they want to turn their group into a target clan 2.

The founders of the clan can transfer their title and their permits to another member who will be a faithful leader for future adventures.

If you have big plans for the existing group hosting your clan, you can leave it at the moment and explore your own community on purpose outside the game.

This maintenance period will last for one month. After that, new clan-creation functions will be posted on to support Destiny 2. Stay tuned for more information on this deadline!

These clans retain their basic structure. To support the intimate family makes a good tactical talk, membership will be limited to 100 members.

Each Target 2 account will join a clan on each platform.
Target 2 clans will benefit from the new features in the game.

Clans will guide a new community, which leads solo players to embrace the final game of a mission carried out at once.

You can manage your list and send invitations to the new members you play. Each guards who call a clan house will win rewards based on the success of their teammates.

These new features require a sacrifice measure. If your family is part of a broad alliance of affiliated combat units, this change in clan experience will break this connective tissue on

We know this creates challenges for large community entities, and we look forward to new and better forms of clans to block arms around a common mission.

These are the main changes that no doubt differentiate Destiny 2 from its predecessor. The beta version of the game will begin July 18 for those who pre-ordered and will be open to the public on July 21.

The last action in first person Bungie due out September 6 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A PC version will follow on October 24.

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