Government reviews IT imports from China

NEW DELHI: The government has begun examining massive imports of electronics and information technology from China due to concerns over security and data leakage +.

There has been a growing outcry of import restrictions and other restrictions on these products, which are currently a huge amount of shipments across the border.

The review comes at a time when India and China’s Doklam gap has intensified and may signal the occurrence of a strategic trade war as tensions on the border worsen and concerns over trade imbalances and increased security.

The growing share of Chinese companies in the electronics and information technology industry booming in India, a recent study by the CII Industry Chamber, has raised alarm in government, especially in what is believed to be Much of this can be used to gain unlawful access to critical information about individuals, businesses, and government provisions.

“There are more and more concerns about the preparation of the security device, especially in fears that online e-commerce platforms and finished products can be used to gain sensitive information,” industry sources said.

“The communication has been sent to industry stakeholders for their views and to assess their preparedness for the protection of critical data and information.”

India’s move towards the digitization of services and trade and multiple increase in online transactions has also contributed to the security problems that have reached the highest levels of government.

The IT Minister and the law, Ravi Shankar Prasad, recently held a high-level meeting to assess the situation regarding China’s participation in the electronics industry and information technology in India sources.

Prasad is supposed to have ministry officials asked to make an assessment of the vulnerability of India with respect to products from China.

Chinese companies have almost turned into a column to India’s massive needs in the manufacture of electronic products, especially when importing a large part of critical components and finished products.

These include components for products such as mobile phones, medical equipment, telecommunications network equipment and devices and the Internet for things related sensors (IOT).

In addition, leading Chinese companies have large stakes in some of the leading online markets in the country.

“Many devices transmit or store data on Chinese servers, which could be a security risk.

On the other hand, online transactions using several of these devices and platforms can be filled in Chinese servers, which can create security problems for the country at a time of deepening the crisis at the border, “said a source.

India’s significant and worrisome trade imbalance with China is another trigger for the year. It is estimated that the government should focus and emphasize the faster indigenization to address the problem.

India had a trade deficit of nearly 52 billion with China last fiscal year and the country is now looking for better access to markets in the neighboring country for its products and services.

In the electronic map, the government insists on increasing local production by introducing manufacturing benefits into India.

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