Indonesia speaker named suspect in major graft case

Indonesia speaker named suspect in major graft case

The anti-corruption agency of Indonesia appointed President of Parliament as a suspect in a major graft scenario that would have hissed about 170 million dollars from the government coffers.

The Corruption Eradication Commission appointed Setya Novanto, the spokesman for the house, as suspect in the Monday graft giant Monday also involved other senior politicians, including the Minister of Justice, the former interior minister and several governors.

The head of the commission, Agus Rahardjo, said Setya “abused his authority and position for personal gain or for the benefit of society.”

Researchers say Novanto was among many politicians who received reimbursement of funds to a government plan to issue new ID cards to 255 million people in the country.

The anti-corruption special court in Indonesia said that more than a third of the 5.9 trillion rupee fund ($ 443 million) has been kidnapped by a network of politicians and entrepreneurs in a scheme that would have been crowned 2009-2015 .

Novanto, who is also the coalition chairman of the ruling Golkar party, is the fourth suspect to be announced in the case, which could become a test of President Joko Widodo’s willingness to take a firm stand against corruption because many of the Involved are public officials.

Novanto was formerly known as a suspect in another corruption case that forced him to step down as a teacher in 2015, when he was accused of extorting a US stake in Freeport-McMoRan in exchange for the extension of the The company to operate in the archipelago.

He was acquitted of the allegations and was again appointed as a teacher in 2016.

Indonesia ranked 90th out of 176 countries and territories in Transparency International’s corruption perception index last year. A number ranking represents the least damaged.

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