Larsen C Ice Shelf Break Could Occur Within “Hours, Days, or Weeks”

Larsen C Ice Shelf Break Could Occur Within “Hours, Days, or Weeks”

Researchers who monitor the division of the Larsen C ice shelf reported that the division of the platform was “imminent” and would create a huge iceberg.

At present, the iceberg is attached to the platform, but moves faster than previously recorded speeds. From the moment of writing, the potential iceberg moves at a speed of about 32 feet per day.

The team does not know when the crack occurs but warns that this could happen in a matter of hours.

There are still a few miles of ice tie iceberg to the largest closet, but it is not known how long it will last as the movement of the ice is accelerating.

One of the largest icebergs ever produced

The iceberg remains attached to the western part of the platform. When it breaks, “fundamentally change the landscape of the Antarctic Peninsula.”

The Midas team warned that this division could cause a chain reaction that eventually C zero Larsen would fragment into smaller icebergs.

An event, as it occurred when the iceberg separates from the ice shelf near Larsen B. Finally, the entire platform broke.

The Effects of Larsen C Splitting

Although it should be noted that the iceberg that would form this event would be massive – roughly the size of Delaware – that would not have much impact on sea level.

If this event caused the break of the rest of the ice shelf, we have seen an increase in sea level.

“If you remove an ice shelf, you glaciers all before you start putting more ice in the ocean and that’s where you get your possible contributions to sea level rise,” said a member of the Midas team who oversees the shelf ice.

In general, the glaciers that feed the Larsen C ice shelf contain about 10 centimeters of global sea-level equivalent, but scientists do not believe everything would be at sea.

Currently, the team is still not known what causes the division. Water temperatures in Antarctica are increasing, but it is unclear if this is the reason for the separation.

Icebergs shelves separated that way quite regularly and it can be difficult to determine what the normal pace is. The main reason for stands is due to their size.

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